Potato diet: tasty, healthy and satisfying. Photo

Potatoes are one of the most popular foods among Russians: many people love this tasty, nutritious, but high-carbohydrate product. But not everyone knows that with the help of potatoes, you can perfectly lose weight. Moreover, the potato diet is one of the most delicious!

Potatoes are associated with a high-calorie and by no means a dietary product: this is largely due to the fact that we are used to combining it with other foods and dishes, which increases its calorie content many times over.

Of course, losing weight on mashed potatoes with milk and butter, fries or in a country style will not work. However, if you eat potatoes separately, without additives, then it is quite possible to lose a few pounds in just a week.

And you can add spices, fresh herbs and a few drops of any vegetable oil to it - this will give a bright taste and will only bring benefits.

Potato diet: tasty, healthy and satisfying

It is quite easy to maintain a potato diet, because this root vegetable is very nutritious and satisfying, and its taste is well known from childhood. The feeling of hunger with her is practically not felt. Potatoes contain essential vegetable protein, useful amino acids, pectin, potassium, and young potatoes contain vitamin C: you can eat it right in the skin.

Interestingly, potatoes themselves are a low-calorie product: 100 grams contain only 60-70 kcal. In addition, it improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, and calms the nervous system.

The perfect duet: potatoes and greens

For a week of a potato diet, you can get rid of 5-6 kilograms, if you strictly follow all the recommendations. The scheme of a simple potato diet is also simple: we eat boiled potatoes three times a day, without snacks.

You can add a little onion, garlic, spices, any vegetable oil, lemon juice and unlimited greens.

Any greens are suitable: dill, parsley, basil, cilantro, green onions - whatever you love. You can eat up to three large or five medium potatoes at a time. A potato diet lasting three days also works well: in express mode and without much effort, you can lose 2-3 kilograms.

Friendly support

An important addition to the potato diet is a drinking regimen. You need to drink in sufficient quantities, and be sure to half an hour before meals. Like all mono diets, the potato diet is monotonous and limited in minerals and vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Therefore, it cannot be sustained for a long time, and during the dietary period it is advisable to take vitamin complexes. In winter, you cannot keep a potato diet - during storage, a lot of starch accumulates in potatoes, which, on the contrary, will lead to weight gain, and vitamins are practically not stored in it.

Therefore, for the dietary menu, you need to use only young or early potatoes.

Potato diet: tasty, healthy and satisfying. Photo

Potato diet diets

Another dietary food option, designed for 5-9 days, will save you 500 g of excess weight per day.

Breakfast: a glass of low-fat milk or kefir.

Lunch: three boiled potatoes.

Dinner: salad consisting of two boiled or baked potatoes in the skin, fresh cucumber, lettuce, one boiled egg and two tablespoons of olive oil.

Milk or kefir can be replaced with juice or green tea, and the ingredients of the salad can be varied: add tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, radishes instead of cucumbers.

The potato diet is more varied with the addition of cottage cheese and poultry meat. It can be practiced for up to 7-11 days.

Breakfast: 3-4 potatoes, 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat cheese.

Lunch: 200-250 grams of stewed vegetables or fresh vegetable salad, 50 grams of boiled chicken fillet.

Dinner: boiled egg and a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt.

This diet is more balanced, but the process of losing weight will be slower. One way or another, a limited diet always gives results, and you will not have to feel hunger. Reviews on the potato diet are almost always the most positive.

At the end of the diet, try to adhere to proper nutrition, do not abuse alcohol, flour, salted, smoked and fried foods.

And if you add physical exercise to your schedule, the result will be fixed for a long time. Enjoy cooking potatoes and lose weight!

Things to know (Q&A)

Why are potatoes so satisfying?

Potatoes also are a good source of a particular type of starch called resistant starch. This type of starch is not digested in the small intestine like other foods. ... They provide more of a feeling of fullness and they sustain that feeling of fullness longer than other foods.

What is the healthiest way to eat a potato?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests how to enjoy the nutritional benefits of potatoes without piling on the calories: Top a baked potato with low-fat or fat-free sour cream, some shredded cheese, and chives or broccoli.

How much weight can you lose on potato diet?

What Is the Potato Diet ? The popular potato diet claims to help you lose up to one pound (0.45 kg) per day by eating nothing but plain spuds for three to five days. The concept dates back to 1849 but was made popular again by Tim Steele, who published “ Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified” in 2016.

How much weight can you lose in a week on the potato diet?

Proponents of the Potato diet say you may lose around 12 pounds in a week following those rules.

Are potatoes healthier than rice?

The information gathered leads us to a conclusion that rice , especially brown or parboiled kind (white one with added nutrients) is a better choice than potatoes thanks to its high vitamin content and low glycemic index.

Are potatoes more filling than rice?

If you want to control weight through regular exercise and a sensible diet, then selecting foods high in satiety will allow you to feel full after meals while still limiting calories. For instance, one cup of boiled potatoes is more filling than a cup of brown rice at half the calories.

How can I lose weight eating potatoes?

The potato diet resets your metabolism and reward centres of the brain that helps in weight loss ! So, you can eat potatoes without worrying about your waistline! Have baked, steamed, boiled or mashed potatoes at room temperature. Cook it and then, let it cool down before you have it.

What is the best thing to eat with potatoes?

The Best Sides for Potato

  • Eggplant. Saffron Aioli. NY Strip.
  • Calabaza Pumpkin. Buffalo Wings. Charred Cauliflower.
  • Grilled Cheese. Milk-Braised Pork. Hot Dogs.
  • Scotch Eggs. Egg and Romesco. Leeks and Eggs.

Is Potato healthier than rice?

The information gathered leads us to a conclusion that rice , especially brown or parboiled kind (white one with added nutrients) is a better choice than potatoes thanks to its high vitamin content and low glycemic index. 28

Are potatoes good for losing weight?

Are they good for weight loss ? Absolutely! Ounce for ounce, potatoes are one of the most filling and low-calorie foods we can eat. But as Nathan wrote, and as our registered dietitians teach at the Pritikin Longevity Center today, potatoes are actually very good for you, especially if you're trying to lose weight . 26