Ugly fashion is good business: how 2017 became the year of comfortable and anti-aesthetic things

The trend of the year is what a few years ago was a sign of bad taste. Why do brands make good money on these things and why do we buy them?

Fri Aug 06 2021


What is social fashion - helping vulnerable groups or exploiting marginalized communities?

Teenagers express the spirit of the times, refugees - the experience of cultural contact, and little people are looking for comfortable clothes. What can social fashion do for vulnerable groups?

Fri Aug 06 2021


Like a princess! 10 best Gigi Hadid outfits that fans love

It seems that choosing an outfit for the Costume Institute Ball this year, the model could not decide which side she was on. At the heart of her image is an elegant white dress for a figure, which she...

Fri Oct 29 2021


It turned out awkward: Angelina Jolie and 7 more stars, whose outfits were torn at the most inopportune moment

In 2017, during the People's Choice Awards, Jennifer Lopez let her dress down, the seam on which came off at the most inopportune moment. The star did not seem to have guessed about this, and continue...

Mon Oct 25 2021


Portugal dedicated a number to mental disorders

Society did not accept the new cover

Fri Oct 08 2021


Fashion Psychology: New Science or Marketing Strategy?

Fashion psychologists believe they can help people heal mental ailments, but many psychotherapists question this. Who is right?

Fri Aug 06 2021


How did psychotherapy appear in Russia and what do we expect from it?

From the formation of his own school of psychology after the revolution to parapsychological practices and the fear of a "bad and harmful" psychologist.

Fri Aug 06 2021


Childbirth or personal boundaries? Why we do not want to have children and how psychology neuroticizes parents

To be the perfect mother and lose your personality, or save yourself by making your child miserable? The psychotherapist advises giving up this false dilemma.

Fri Aug 06 2021


American cosmetics: features and popular brands

American cosmetics are very popular among domestic consumers. What are the features of American cosmetics? What are its advantages and disadvantages...

Fri Mar 04 2022


Pop-it and simple-dimple: why it's impossible to tear yourself away from the toy from Tik-Tok

Pop-it and simple-dimple: why it's impossible to tear yourself away from the toy from Tik-Tok

Thu Jun 24 2021


Lunar day today is July 8, 2021

The next day is coming, on which various troubles or, conversely, great successes can await us. Astrologers told about the role of the Moon in the formation of our luck and how ...

Thu Jul 08 2021